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Exclusive: Windsor Sensor S2 HEPA Comparison

Windsor Sensor S (Hospital Grade) VS. Windsor Sensor S2 (HEPA)

A new vacuum model always begs the old question: "now which is the best for me?"

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I in PDIR is for Interim

INTERIM CLEANING IS OFTEN THE MOST overlooked step in the PDIR cleaning process. As a reminder, PDIR stands for Preventative, Daily, Interim, and Restorative cleaning processes. These cleaning processes form a cost-saving cleaning system for any facility.

Why Interim cleaning?
Interim cleaning will maintain the appearance of your floors with low moisture, low chemical encapsulation or targeted hard floor care methods. This increases productivity, creates almost no down-time, and is budget friendly. Interim cleaning reduces the frequency of the more time-consuming, more expensive, and more difficult restorative cleaning such as deep carpet extraction.

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